Who is Rob Van Dam’s Wife and Daughter?

Robert Alexander Szatkowski is a television personality and wrestler who starred in companies like ECW, TNA, and WWE.  He was born on the 18th of December 1970 in Battle Creek, Michigan. Rob Van Dam’s wife is Sonia Van Dam.

Presently, he is 50-years old. Robert wrestled under the nickname, ‘RVD’, or Rob Van Dam in full. His career would be defined with legendary feuds with the likes Bam Bam Bigelow, AJ Styles, and John Cena. As of 2021, RVD is set to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame.

Learn more about Rob Van Dam’s wife and daughter.

Rob Van Dam’s Wife

A wrestler, Rob Van Dam and his wife
An amazing wrestler, Rob Van Dam, and his wife, Sonia Van Dam.

Robert married twice throughout the course of his life. His first wife was a woman named Sonia Van Dam. She is a television personality and actress.

A look at her bio would tell you that she appeared on ECW One Night Stand and The Comedy Takeover back in 2013. Sonia and Rob spent nearly two decades together. They tied the knot back on the 6th of September 1998.

At the time, Robert was a rising star in ECW. His popularity meant that his wife also featured on the show from time to time.

After staying together for so long, the two decided to go their separate ways in 2016. Two years on from this, in 2018, the couple finalized their divorce.

As a part of the settlement, Sonia reportedly earned £200,000 after she and Rob auctioned off houses located in LA and California.

Rob would then marry Katie Forbes, a woman who also wrestled for TNA. Forbes is presently 30-years old, which means that there is a 20-year age gap between her and Rob.

Remarkably, the two decided to introduce another woman into their relationship, Jennifer Barlow. Both Rob and Katie have filled their social media profiles with various pictures of the couple alongside Jennifer.

One such post features the three of them in a hot tub, with the two women posing half-naked.

Moreover, Rob even takes both of his partners to his wrestling show and is very open about the fact that he is in a throuple (a relationship of three people).


Despite being together for more than 20-years, Rob and Sonia did not have any children together. RVD also does not have any children with his current wife, Katie Forbes.

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