Ryback’s Net Worth and His Wife.

Ryback Allen Reeves is one of the most famous professional wrestlers who gained fame for being a former WWE wrestler. He began his mainstream wrestling journey with NXT and later in 2012 became a one-time Intercontinental champion. Here, we will learn more about Ryback’s net worth.

Ryback had the quality of becoming a main eventer. But just like everyone else, The Big Guy had ups and downs in his career. However, in 2016, he left WWE after contract disputes.

Ryback’s Wife

We generally assume that celebrities love the spotlight. However, some celebrities like to keep their private life a mystery. And Ryback happens to be one of them. Although he is very vocal about his workout routine, Ryback prefers to stay silent about his married life.

As of now, we know that Ryback is happily married to his long-time girlfriend, Mellissa Reeves. The couple walked down the aisle in 2014, when Ryback was climbing the ranks in WWE. They were dating for a very long time before deciding to tie the knot.

Ryback Allen Reeve with his wife Mellissa Reeves at an event
Former WWE wrestler, Ryback Allen Reeve with his wife Mellissa Reeves.

So far, there is no more information about Ryback’s wife as she does not have social media nor does she appear on Ryback’s social media platform.

In WWE, the wrestlers try to keep their personal life away from the audience. They do so to create the illusion that their onstage persona is the real persona. This maintains the illusion of reality. So, many wrestlers try to hide their personal life from the public. This enhances their mystery and aura. It also safeguards their family from the press and fan interaction.

It seems that Ryback and his wife Mellissa are enjoying each other’s company very much. There are no rumors of fights or misunderstandings among the couple. Mellissa and Ryback seem to be a perfect couple. Also, the couple has no children.

Net Worth

Ryback is a famous wrestler known for being a former WWE superstar. It is no doubt that this massive wrestler’s primary source of income comes through wrestling.

He receives more than $600,000 as his salary. As of 2021, Ryback’s net worth is somewhere around $5 million. This net worth consists of the earnings from various tournaments, awards, and product endorsements or deals.

After terminating his contract with WWE, he also performed independently in different venues.¬†Apart from wrestling, Ryback’s primary source of income is nutrition supplements.

He sells nutrition supplements through his website named Feed Me More Nutrition. Apart from that, he also has his podcast.


Ryback was born on 10 November 1981. Currently, he is 40 years old.

Body Measurements

The former WWE Intercontinental champion stands tall at 6 feet and 3 inches or 191 cms. Also, this wrestler weighs 132 kgs or 231 pounds. Furthermore, he has a massive chest size of 40 and a biceps size of 32 inches.

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