Sasha Banks Net Worth 2021.

Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado is a pro-athlete who is affiliated with the WWE. She wrestles under the stage name, ‘Sasha Bank.’ Mercedes was born on January 26th, 1992 in Fairfield, California. Despite being only 29, Sasha has already won multiple titles with the promotion. As of 2021, Sasha Banks has a net worth of $5 million.

This wealthy female wrestler has held the Raw women’s title five times, and the Smackdown title once. It makes Sasha only one of three female grand-slam champions in the promotion.

Moreover, she also made history by becoming one of the first women to compete in a Hell in a Cell match. Read about Sasha Banks’ net worth in this review.

Sasha Banks Net Worth

Sasha Banks is presently one of the most popular female wrestlers working with the WWE. When she first joined the promotion back in 2008, sources reported that her annual salary was $180,000.

This figure rose significantly up to $250,000 when Sasha signed a new contract with the promotion. It was then that she’d get the chance to main event Wrestlemania 37, and take home even more additional income.

Besides wrestling, Sasha also makes a significant amount of money from merchandising and product sales. Her t-shirts and action figures are fairly popular.

Renowned female wrestler, Sasha Banks with her belt
Renowned female wrestler, Sasha Banks.

After she joined the Star Wars franchise, Mercedes got her own line of action figures. These were available for pre-order back in April.

Moreover, Sasha Banks also made a good deal of money from her stint in the 2nd season of the Mandalorian. Other than that, she also appeared on WWE Untold and WWE Chronicle.

Lastly, Banks has also featured on several wrestling-related videogames. These include titles like WWE 2K 19 and WWE Mayhem. As of 2021, Sasha Banks’ net worth stands at $5 million.

Lifestyle and Cars

Being a pro-athlete, it isn’t surprising that fitness is something that Sasha takes seriously. As such, her Instagram page is littered with pictures of her displaying her remarkable physique.

Sasha’s car collection is as impressive as her in-ring persona. Sources say that she owns multiple luxury vehicles.

These include an Escalade, which she has used to make a few ring entrances. Moreover, Sasha Banks also owns a BMW, a Cadillac CTS, and even a Mercedes. Interestingly, it has also been reported that she is a fan of motorcycles.

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