Rhea Ripley is Dating Her Husband-to-be Boyfriend, Demetri Jackson.

Every wrestling fan is aware of the young and upcoming star named Rhea Ripley, who dominated NXT’s women’s division. She has held multiple titles in the WWE, including the first-ever NXT UK Women’s Champion and Australian Women’s WWE Champion. Rhea Ripley‘s boyfriend is Demetri Jackson.

The current Raw Womens’ champion is one of the most talked-about WWE superstars in recent memories. While people praise her outstanding work in the ring, fans cannot ignore the 24-year-old’s24-year-old’s love life.

Everyone has their unique way of finding their loved one, and Rhea Ripley is no different. Since the beginning of her career, those who have been following Rhea know that she is in a relationship with a fellow wrestler.

Who is Rhea Ripley’s Boyfriend?

As of 2021, Ripley is in a relationship with Demetri Jackson. Jackson, like Ripley, is a professional wrestler.

Rhea Ripley with her boyfriend Demetri Jackson posing with their toned body
Famous female wrestler Rhea Ripley with her boyfriend, Demetri Jackson.

However, he is not engaged in mainstream wrestling like the WWE. Instead, Demetri Jackson has made appearances in indie wrestling shows and a handful of AEW shows.

According to Demetri’s Twitter bio, he holds a master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science and is currently in Florida. He has reached the age of 35 and has an 11 years of age difference from his girlfriend.

How Rhea and Boyfriend Demetri Jackson Met?

We know that this couple has been together since 2019. But the way they met is genuinely adorable. Both of them are fitness freaks and spend hours of the day in the gym.

Hence, this lovebird’s story began when they met at a gym. Before this, Demetri had wrestled for a year and was beginning his wrestling career.

After some time, she befriended Demetri and helped him learn wrestling ways. They both had great chemistry and enjoyed talking to each other. Hence, they commenced their relationship.

Rhea Ripley and Her husband-to-be Boyfriend, Demetri Jackson, Love life

Rhea and Demetri have strong bonding. They spend some quality time together watching movies and helping each other get better in the ring.

Currently, Rhea is professionally ahead of Jackson. As experienced as she is in the ring, Rhea hopes to help her boyfriend reach his potential as well.

Apart from that, she also helps him to understand wrestling techniques. Demetri has been practicing wrestling for more than three years.

Racial Abuse

Demetri is of Puerto Rican descent. Associating with a black man like him, Rhea has received numerous hate comments on her social media. This has led her to speak out against racism and reveal the name of those who abuse her relationship.

Like Rhea, Demetri also supports her. She frequently mentioned that he is the emotional support.

Nonetheless, even within a relatively short duration, the couple has grown very close to each other. It is no doubt that the couple has a very healthy relationship.

Likewise, there is no jealousy among the couple even though Ripley is more famous and earns more than Demetri. As per Rhea, Demetri has always been supportive of her career.

Ripley has revealed that she has no intention of leaving Demetri and plans to hold onto him.

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