Rhea Ripley is Dating Her Husband-to-be Boyfriend, Demetri Jackson.

Wrestler Rhea Ripley in the ring with her amazing look

Every wrestling fan is aware of the young and upcoming star named Rhea Ripley, who dominated NXT’s women’s division. She has held multiple titles in the WWE, including the first-ever NXT UK Women’s Champion and Australian Women’s WWE Champion. Rhea Ripley‘s boyfriend is Demetri Jackson. The current Raw Womens’ champion is one of the most … Read more

Jerry Lawler’s Net Worth and Spouse.

The King, Jerry Lawler with his crown

Jerry’ The King’ Lawler is one of the prominent names in WWE history. Formerly known for his egotistic character as a wrestler, Jerry has won multiple titles during his prime days. In later stages of his life, he switched to commentary, where he joined his colleague, another WWE legend, Jim Ross. Over the years, Jerry … Read more

Samoa Joe’s Wife Jessica Seanoa and Net Worth.

Wrestler, Samoa Joe in the ring

Nuufolau Joel Seanoa or Samoa Joe is a pro-athlete, television personality, and commentator. He has enjoyed a wrestling career that has spanned two decades. Samoa Joe’s wife is Jessica Seanoa. Throughout this tenure, Joe has worked for various promotions like TNA, WWE, and Ring of Honor. His fans remember him for his 19-month winning streak … Read more

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