John Cena’s Ex-Wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau. Age, Net Worth, Kids.

Often, athletes are famous among the fans of the sports they play. But there are exceptional individuals whose fame is recognized by the general people as well. John Cena is one of those polarizing figures that has millions of fans around the world. He has won the world championship 16 times in his career. However, little do people know that Cena was once married before those two women arrived in his life. John Cena was formerly married to his ex-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Cena is a multitalented wrestler who later leaned towards acting and hosting tv shows in the latter stages of his life. Similar to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Cena’s career path aligns with his as well.

Over the years, his fame and stature have increased along with his body of work. Hence, a man as famous as John Cena is always under the media’s attention. Fans know that this wrestler recently found a new wife in Shay Shariatzadeh after recently breaking up with Nikki Bella. Dive in to get more information regarding John Cena’s marital status and his ex-wife’s age, net worth, and kids.

Let us know more about Cena’s first marriage.

John Cena’s Ex-Wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau


John and Elizabeth came from the same area. Both of them are natives of Massachuttes. She was born on September 28, 1979. Much about John Cena’s ex-wife details is still a mystery to everyone as she prefers to live a lowkey life.

Similarly, there is no information about her high school. However, since Cena and Elizabeth were high school lovers, it is safe to say that she studied with John at Cushing Academy. Nonetheless, Elizabeth completed her graduation in business management from Springfield College.

Sources claim that she did not pursue her career seriously after finishing college. It was after her divorce that Elizabeth focused on her career. As of now, the 41 years old, Elizabeth has been a real estate agent.

Before this, she tried her hand at modeling. However, it did not turn out to be fruitful even after a few modeling gigs.

How Did John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau Meet?

Rumors claim that Elizabeth and John were high school sweethearts. However, it is not clear where they met. John completed his high school in two different schools. Similarly, the couple attended Springfield College together and continued their romance. But Cena had not gained fame at the time, which is why their initial affairs remained a mystery to everyone.

John Cena and Ex-Wife Elizabeth Huberdeau marriage

Just like the affair, they also tied the knot in a venue unbeknownst to the people. But at the time of their marriage, Cena was already a rising WWE star.

Famous wrestler John Cena and his ex-wife partying
World-renowned wrestler John Cena and ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau.

He was also a star cast of WWE’s movie, 12 Rounds. During the movie’s promotion, Cena revealed that he was planning to get married. Hence, the public’s curiosity about his love affair started to spike after the incident.

Nonetheless, the couple took vows on July 11, 2009. However, this romantic relationship did not last very long.


Marrying a high school sweetheart is a romantic fantasy. In this case, the dream did not last long. Cena and Elizabeth’s relationship ended after only three years into their marriage.

Being married to a WWE wrestler can make things complicated as they need to travel from one state to another every week to do shows. This was no exception with Cena. He also had to travel with the crew as he was the company’s main star. As a result, he could not spend much time with Elizabeth.

John Cena’s ex-wife went on to accuse John of being an infidel. She believed that John was having extra-marital affairs at his workplace.

People know Cena for his work ethic, but he has also tangled with controversies. On the other hand, Elizabeth sacrificed her modeling career dreams for marriage. In return, she felt lonelier.

Perhaps it was these hiccups that ended their marriage. John himself divorced Elizabeth in 2012. Reportedly, she got an excellent divorce package from Cena’s net worth of $60 million.

On the other hand, their divorce emotionally affected John Cena for quite a long time. As a result, he has never been married since then on. He would let his spouses sign 75-pages long legal papers before allowing them in his house, even if he did.

Current Relationship Status

Ever since moving away from Cena’s limelight, Elizabeth has lived a lowkey life. Fans also gave up interest in her life. However, rumors suggest that she is dating Eli Ayoub.

The couple who resides in Florida is leading an everyday life. Moreover, she has stayed away from the public ever since her rough divorce with Cena.

On the other hand, John Cena was engaged to another WWE diva, Nikki Bella. Moreover, he proposed to Nikki in the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. However, his relationship with Bella ended in 2019 over an argument that Cena did not want to bear a child.

Currently, the 16 time WWE champion is married to a Canadian engineer, Shay Shariatzadeh. Moreover, her success is on par with Cena’s career. The couple linked up in March 2019 and married the following year.


When Elizabeth was with Cena, she did not share a child with him. Given that Cena was against having children, it was inevitable that they did not have a young one.

After divorcing Cena, Elizabeth got into a relationship with Eli Ayoub. However, there is no source confirming if she bears any child with her second suitor.

As for Cena, he does not have a child yet.

Net Worth and Income

Elizabeth’s exact net worth is unknown. But after divorcing Cena, she received a hefty amount of money and possessions. Her real profession is as a real estate agent.

However, her salary is unknown. As per sources, a typical real estate agent earns anywhere between $39,977 and $52,052 in Florida. Hence, her salary might fall under this range.

Also, adding that with the divorce compensation, her net worth is roughly $10 million as of 2021.

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