Marc Mero’s Net Worth. Meet His Wife, Darlene Spezzi.

Back in the day, there was fierce competition in the wrestling industry. Though WWE is the giant shark now, the wrestling world was divided into WCW and WWF back in the day. Among the names that emerged in the wrestling industry, Marc Mero is one name that people hardly remember. Here, we will take a look at Marc Mero’s net worth and his wife.

Marc Mero made his debut in the WCW and was a top wrestler in the mid-card division. He competed in other shows like WWE and TNA, trying to make a name for himself. However, he retired in 2006. Perhaps his early retirement from the wrestling world hindered his fame as a wrestler. Nonetheless, he has earned a decent sum of money during his run.

Marc Mero’s Net Worth and Income Sources

This New York wrestler has a net worth of $3 million as of 2021. A significant part of Marc Mero’s income comes from his profession as a wrestler. After taking training from professional boxers, Mero made a couple of bucks by wrestling in WCW. Later, his earnings increased after wrestling in WWE, where he won the Intercontinental Championship in WrestleMania 12. Competing in significant pay-per-views brought him bonus incomes.

As for the earnings, wrestlers’ salaries can vary depending on their experience, skill, and charisma in the ring. The median professional wrestler earns about $500,000 a year, which can also increase in the future. In the later stages of his career, Mero wrestled in the second-largest wrestling company, TNA. Spending a considerable amount of his career there increased his salary drastically, and he retired with a net worth of $3 million.

Besides this, Mero is also a motivational speaker and an author. He has published a book titled, How To Be the Happiest Person on the Planet. While speaking in an interview, Mero revealed that he lost $1 million in day-trading. However, he soon picked up his life and got back on track.

Marc Mero Wife, Darlene Spezzi.

Just as short as his wrestling career was, Marc Mero did not find any lasting success in his married life either. After divorcing his previous wife, Marc Mero tied the knot with his second wife, Darlene Spezzi, on 11 July 2009. Both the couple lived a lowkey life ever since they married.

WWE well-known wrestler, Marc Mero wife Darlene Spezzi
WWE well-known wrestler, Marc Mero’s wife Darlene Spezzi.

However, they were in the headlines in 2019 for ending their decade-long marriage. After finalizing their divorce on 16 July 2019, the couple separated. None of the couples have shared the exact reason for their divorce.

There is not much information about Darlene’s personal life as she prefers to stay away from the media. However, as per her LinkedIn profile, she is the CEO, President, and Owner at Mystic Granite & Marble. It is a company that provides budget-friendly yet exotic stone products like tables, tiles, floors, etc.

After her divorce, Darlene seems to focus on her business. At this moment, her company has 4 stars ratings.

Former Wife

Before being in an unsuccessful relationship, Mero was in another failed marriage. That time, it was with a former WWE superstar, Sable. The couple tied the knot in 1994. However, they divorced in 2004 after finding out that Sable was cheating on Mero with Brock Lesnar.

The former husband and wife also feuded in the 90s when Marc was wrestling in the WWF. Sable and Marc have a daughter together whose name is still a mystery.

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