Lex Luger Net Worth. Wife, Ex-wife, Peggy Fulbright.

Lawrence Wendell Pfohl or Lex Luger is a wrestling legend known for his run in the WCW. Moreover, he is a two-time WCW World Heavyweight champion who holds the record for the highest number of days as a champion. But once his wrestling interest faded, he began focusing on other wrestlers’ well-being. Furthermore, this article discusses the net worth of Lex Luger and his ex-wife, Peggy Fulbright.

Though he never appeared in the WWE, he now works for the company to create wellness policies.

Lex Luger was born on June 2, 1958. He had a passion for sports and fitness from a young age. Currently, he focuses on the diet, nutrition, and proper training for the wrestlers. Apart from being a wrestler and health advocate, Luger is also a television producer and a football player.

Also, read about his current wife and family right here.

Lex Luger Ex-Wife Peggy Fulbright

Lex Luger’s ex-wife is Peggy Pfohl. At the moment, she is living a lowkey life. But from what the sources say, Peggy used to be an athlete herself. She was a standout track performer at Penn State University back in the day. After their divorce, Peggy took care of the children and raised them.

Peggy graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology. Upon graduation, she worked as a realtor in Keller Williams Realty. She has been working there for 17 years till now.

Lex Luger’s Married Life, Until 2003

Lex Luger was undoubtedly a significant talent back in the day. However, he could not keep his charm alive for many years that followed. Instead, the later stages of his life started to fill with controversies. Although Lex Luger was famous in his profession and personal life, his marriage began to suffer in the latter days of his life. We know that Lex has married only once in his life. Moreover, it was a 24-years long marriage with a woman named Peggy Fulbright.

Peggy and Lex tied the knot in 1981. The whereabouts of the couple’s initial meeting are still a mystery. Unlike the modern-day, the lack of media coverage back in the mid-1900s days back in the days makes it difficult to gather much evidence on Lex’s personal life.

Nonetheless, the once happy couple ended their two-decades-long marriage in 2003. Although none of the couples revealed the reason for splitting, Lex confessed that his stardom blinded him. Perhaps living an affluent life and changing girlfriends now and then ruined his perfect marriage.


WCW and WWE wrestler, Lex Luger's children
WCW and WWE wrestler Lex Luger’s children.

While Lex and his wife were together, they gave birth to two children. They had their first child on January 1, 1986. His name is Brian. Similarly, on September 24, 1990, the couple welcomed their second child, Lauren Ashley.

Both the children inherited their parents’ athletic genes. Luger’s son, Brian Pfohl, was a top basketball player. Currently, he is 30 years old and is the senior vice president at CBRE, a net lease property group. Brian graduated with a BBA in Finance from Mercer University.

Likewise, his sister, Lauren, is a professional swimming and diving expert from Atlanta, Georgia. Similarly, she is also a swimmer at Tulane University and has participated in various swimming competitions. Other than that, she graduated with a marketing degree from the same university. At this time, she is the Director of Marketing at The Presidio Group LLC.

Both the children are doing well in their respective careers.

His relationship with Miss Elizabeth

Renowned wrestler with his girlfriend, Miss Elizabeth
WCW star Lawrence Wendell Pfohl and his ex-girlfriend, Miss Elizabeth.

After his divorce from his wife Peggy, he was in a relationship with Miss Elizabeth. Miss Elizabeth was also a popular figure in the wrestling industry. She is famously known for being the wife of Macho Man Randy Savage. Their romance is also one of the most talked-about in WWE history.

After Luger’s divorce, Lex started seeing Elizabeth as she was also single at the time. Quickly, they moved to live with each other. Their relationship was going well. However, Luger’s relationship with Elizabeth had a very tragic and unexpected ending.

The tragedy occurred on May 1, 2003. Miss Elizabeth became a victim of a drug overdose. She used to take painkillers to soothe the pain caused during the fighting.

As a result of a drug overdose, Miss Elizabeth died in Luger’s arms. They rushed her to a nearby hospital in Marietta. But the next day, she passed away.

Later, during the autopsy, the doctor said that she died of acute toxicity. Her blood level contained a high alcohol level, and a mixture of painkillers, nausea medicine, and tranquilizers cost her life.

Everything went downhill for Luger from this moment. He was arrested for the accidental murder of Elizabeth Hulette as he gave her approval to take drugs.

Similarly, police caught him for possession of drugs such as Xanax, testosterone, synthetic growth hormones, and steroids.

However, since there was no evidence to suggest that he was directly responsible for her death, he got out of jail with a bail of $27k. Also, he had to pay a fine of $1k and a five years’ probation.

Who is his current wife?

At 63 years of age, Lex Luger is possibly single now. There are no rumors or news about his dating life currently. Moreover, Lex is a private person who wants to protect his privacy and chooses not to reveal any information about his current life.

Lex Luger Net Worth and Income Sources

Lex Luger was a popular wrestling figure. Apart from that, he also played football. Through these two sports, he was able to amass his wealth. Likewise, his profession as a health and wellness policy expert has also boosted his earnings.

Lex Luger has a net worth of $10 million. The exact figures of his income and salary are unknown because there is no public record of his income.

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