Who is Eddie Guerrero’s Son? His Daughters Shaul Guerrero and Other.

Gone too soon but never forgotten, Eddie Guerrero is one of the legends who will live forever in the hearts of wrestling fans. Eddie Guerrero was at the pinnacle of wrestling and entertainment. Moreover, he was the source of inspiration for many athletes. His trademark, ‘Latino Heat,’ was one of the successful gimmicks in WWE‘s history. However, in his short lifespan, the most common question arose: Who Eddie Guerrero’s son is?

Indeed, Eddie Guerrero managed to become a world-famous wrestler with an everlasting legacy in his short-lived career.

Also, during his prime time, he won WWF European Championship, WWF Intercontinental Championship, and WWE Championship. But other than his wrestling accolades, what has also caught the media’s attention is his family.

Likewise, everyone knows half of his family as they have appeared in the WWE, but very few know about his children. Eddie married Vickie Guerrero in 1990. He had two children with her and one from another relationship. One of his daughters is Shaul Guerrero. What about other kids? Learn here.

Eddie Guerrero’s Son

One of the things that people often find confusing is whether Eddie had a son. Some even wondered if Dominik Mysterio was Eddie Guerrero’s true son instead of Rey Mysterio’s.

This conspiracy began during a 2005 WWE storyline between Eddie and Rey, who would battle for the custody of Dominik.

Wrestler Eddie Guerrero with Dominik Mysterio in the rinig
WWF and WEE wrestler Eddie Guerrero with Dominik Mysterio.

The segment involved Eddie claiming Dominik to be his real son. As per the storyline, Eddie had left Dominik with Rey when he was a newborn as Eddie could not take care of Dominik.

So, he trusted his best friend Rey to take care of his son. Years later, Eddie would ask Rey to give back his son. Then, Rey would deny giving back Dominik. This would then set up a feud between the Mexicans.

However, the truth is further from that. Often, WWE segments are made-up stories. Eddie Guerrero himself developed the storyline.

After consulting this idea with Rey Mysterio and taking his consent, this storyline moved forward. Hence, Dominik is not Eddie Guerrero’s real son.

Though Dominik is not Eddie’s son, he is no less than a godfather to Dominik. During the shooting, Eddie took care of Dominik. The whole segment’s main attraction was Dominik, and Eddie treated the segment’s star very well.

To this date, fans love this plot. Friends of Dominik started to ask questions to him about his actual father. They believed that the feud was real. Even now, after almost one and half decades, people pose this question time and again.

Daughter Shaul Guerrero Biography

Moving on to Eddie’s biological children, he had three daughters. The multi-talented Shaul Guerrero is the first child of late Eddie Guerrero and Vickie Guerrero.

Shaul was born on October 14, 1990, in El Paso, Texas. She wants to be a wrestler just like her father and has hobbies like singing, dancing, and anchoring.

Shaul Guerrero’s professional career began in December 2010. Previously, she was signed by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in October of 2010 as a developmental talent.

She was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling (FWC) to receive training and gain some experience in wrestling. Shaul was only 20 years old when she entered the wrestling business. She used ‘Raquel Diaz’ as her stage name during her first match.

Her first significant achievement was when she defeated Aksana. Later, after defeating Audrey Marie, she went on to become FWC Diva’s Champion. She remained at the top position for 197 consecutive days.

  • Later she joined NXT wrestling in 2012. However, her career lasted for only two years. Compared to her previous achievements, this was a low phase for her. She did not win any titles during this time.


  • It seems that her career is compared unfairly to that of her father. Also, she has revealed in interviews that there was pressure from the WWE team to live up to her father’s fame. But her decision to move to ring announcement indicates that she no longer wants to follow the family legacy.


  • After NXT, she participated in independent wrestling matches for about two years. Likewise, in 2020, Shaul entered the All Elite Wrestling‘s Women’s Tournament as a wrestler of her own identity. Besides this, Shaul acted as manager for various wrestlers.

Shaul Guerrero Husband and kids

Shaul got engaged with Matt Rehwoldt in December 2014. Later, the couple married in January 2016. Matt Rehwoldt is also a wrestler formerly known by his stage name, Aiden English.

He has won NXT Tag Team Championship during his time in WWE. Following a short run with his then-partner, Rusev, WWE released Matt Rehwoldt in 2020. Currently, he works in the independent circuit.

The couple currently has no kids. Also, there is no mention if they are planning to have kids soon in the future.

Eddie Guerrero’s Daughter, Sherilyn Amber Guerrero

Sherilyn Guerrero is the second child of Eddie and Vickie. She was born on July 8, 1995. At the moment, she is 26 years of age. Unlike her sister, she did not choose to enter wrestling. However, she had made appearances in WWE during the Dominik and Rey Mysterio segment. She also made some appearances on live television after her father’s demise.

Apart from that, she has not been part of the WWE. Unlike her family, she chose to remain private and lead an everyday life. There is also no information about her husband and profession.

Eddie Guerrero's wife Vickie and daughters with big smiles
Famous wrestler Eddie Guerrero’s wife, Vickie(center), and daughters, Sherilyn Amber Guerrero(left) and Shaul Guerrero(right)

Eddie Guerrero’s Youngest Daughter, Kaylie Marie Guerrero

The third child of Eddie is from another woman. During that time, Eddie and Vickie’s relationship had a rough patch in between. Their happy relationship temporarily ended in 2002. During that period, Vickie and Eddie separated for two years.

In those two years, Eddie was in a relationship with Tara Mahoney. Not much is known about Tara as she prefers to live a lowkey life. Shortly after the relationship, they gave birth to Kaylie was born in 2002. Kaylie is 18 years old right now, and she likes to make videos on her TikTok.

Later, Vickie and Eddie patched up. During that conversation, Vickie accepted Kaylie with open arms and let her be a part of the family. Vickie did not have a problem with a stepdaughter. However, it is unclear why Tara and Eddie separated. Even after their divorce, the two were best friends and remained in good relation until Eddie died in 2005.

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