Steve Austin’s Current wife Kristin Austin, Kids. Ex-Spouses.

Back in the days when wrestling used to be hardcore, Steve Austin was one of the prominent names in the business. He is listed amongst one of the most famous faces in the WWF, now WWE. This article focuses on Steve Austin’s marriage with his current wife Kristin Austin and look into his former spouses.

The fans loved the way he created chaos in and outside the ring. Joining the WWE as ringmaster in 1995, Steve Austin rose to the ranks by changing his character and becoming ‘Stone Cold’.

However, his fans were disheartened when the beloved wrestler had to retire from wrestling due to an injury in 2003.

Nonetheless, this World Wrestling Entertainment’s Hall of Famer is still the most talked-about wrestler in the industry. And his fans still follow Steve Austin’s daily life through social media.

So far, we know that this successful wrestler has had trouble handling his married life. After divorcing three other women, Steve finally found the right person to share his life with.

Steve Austin Wife: Kristin Austin (2009-present)

The Texas Rattlesnake is happily married to his current wife, Kristin Feres Austin. She is an American and belongs to white ethnicity.

Steve Austin and his wife, Kristin Austin at an event together
Well-known wrestler, Steve Austin and his wife, Kristin Austin.

Unlike her better half, Kristin prefers to live a lowkey life and seldom appears in the media. Also, she can be spotted a couple of times walking the red carpet with Steve on movie premiers.

Nonetheless, Steve and Kristin met in 2007. By that time, Steve was a famous personality not just in the ring but due to his affairs too.

Austin had been the subject of tabloid magazines for years because he married three times, and all of those marriages had sour endings.

But not with Kristin. Ever since meeting Kristin, Austin’s life changed for good. Moreover, in many interviews, Steve credits his wife for bringing the change in his life.

It seems that Kristin helped Steve to combat his vices and be a better person. For a long time, people accused Steve of being an alcoholic man who is prone to violence.

Even before dating Kristin, his previous marriage ended due to domestic violence. Steve tried to deny these allegations. Also, such incidents have never occurred after his marriage to Kristin.

Married Life.

Steve and Kristin officiated their marriage in 2009. So far, they do not have any children. However, Austin has children from past relationships.

Moreover, very little is known about the couple’s married life as Steve never posts any pictures on social media. However, we can say that the duo is happy in their relationship as they are together for more than a decade.

Also, Kristin helps her husband to run a ranch in Nevada. They sometimes make public appearances together. After marriage, Steve Austin is more active in doing movies, television shows, and podcasts.

First Wife: Kathryn Burrhus (1990-1992)

Steve Austin tied the knot for the first time with his high school girlfriend, Kathryn Burrhus. The couple dated throughout their teenage days and decided to walk down the aisle on November 24, 1990. Even though the pair seemed very romantic, their marriage lasted for only two years.

The reason for the divorce is unknown. However, some reports speculate that Austin cheated on her with his second wife, Jeanie Clarke. Hence, their marriage came to a stop on August 2, 1992. The couple did not bear any children.

Second Spouse: Jeanie Clarke (1992-1999)

Jeanie Clarke, famously known as Lady Blossom, was Steve Austin’s second wife. The couple married on December 18, 1992. She is an English woman who got her nickname due to her blossomy top. The two met each other during their days in WCW. At the time, Jeanie was a valet for various wrestlers, including Steve Austin.

She was responsible for creating the wrestling persona of Steve Austin. Also, the name ‘Stone Cold’ popped up when Jeanie asked Autin to finish his tea before it got stone cold. Both of them fancied the name. As a result, it marked the beginning of this iconic name. She was also pivotal in inventing the catchphrase ‘Austin 3:16’.

Austin’s second marriage proved to be a gem for his profession in many ways. It was also during this phase he gained stardom. However, Steve could not save this marriage. It turns out that it was due to Jeanie’s addiction to drugs that hurt their marriage. Hence, they parted ways on May 10, 1999.

Third Spouse: Debra Marshall (2002-2003)

Steve Austin and his ex-wife Debra Marshall looking great together

Steve Austin’s third wife is familiar to every WWE fan as she was a significant part of the company during the 90s. Also, Debra appeared with Austin on television during weekly shows.

Steve tied the knot with Debra in 2002. However, the third marriage was the most troublesome marriage for Austin. It resulted in adverse publicity and court cases as Debra accused Steve of domestic violence. According to Debra, Austin hit her on her head and bruised her legs and shoulders. She also accused the WWE of protecting Steve by brushing problems under the rug.

Apart from that, she also mentioned Steve’s use of steroids. It turns out he was using steroids, which resulted in frequent rages known as roid rage. At the time, the media relentlessly reported this incident and appeared on WWE magazines’ covers.

For this misbehavior, the court fined Steve $1,000 along with 80 hours of community service. Steve regretted this incident and also apologized to Marshall. The former couple parted ways in 2003


So far, the Texas Rattlesnake is the father of three children. Among them, Steve Austin’s only two biological children are from his second marriage. The first two children are Stephanie and Cassidy. Both of them are girls. The first child was born in 1992 and the second in 1996.

Apart from them, he also adopted Jeanie’s child. Her name was Jade, and she came from her mother’s previous marriage. Jade wanted to become a wrestler just like her stepfather. Other than this, Steve Austin does not have children with other women he married.

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