Nia Jax Husband, Net Worth, Weight, and Height.

Wrestling is often considered a sport exclusively for men. However, looking at history, many female wrestlers made a name for themselves in the wrestling arena. Moreover, some women have dominated the entire women’s division. Know if Nia Jax is married to a husband or dating a boyfriend.

The likes of Chyna, Kharma, and Beth Phoenix are some of the women who struck fear into their opponents with their size and strength. One such wrestler is Nia Jax. Her actual name is Savelina Fanene. She, along with Shayna Bazler, are the current WWE Women’s Tag Champions. Also, Nia is the former Raw Women’s Champion and has competed against the likes of Ronda Rousey. Continue reading to know Nia Jax net worth and height.

Nia Jax Husband.

At the moment, Nia Jax appears to be single and is also not engaged with anyone. However, Nia previously dated Josh Woods, an American professional wrestler working in the Ring of Honor. The couple dated for two years, from 2014 to 2016. During that time, the couple showed love for each other on social media platforms, particularly Twitter.

Nia Jax and ex-boyfriend, Josh Woods together at an event
Famous Wrestler Nia Jax and ex-boyfriend, Josh Woods.

However, ever since splitting with him, Nia has not revealed her love status in public. But while she is searching for her Mr. Perfect, she has also been stuck in various rumors. For instance, there were rumors about Nia dating Mike Rome. Mike Rome is a ring announcer and backstage host for WWE. Moreover, she has posted a few photos with Mike on her social media. However, there is no genuine information on whether they are dating or are just good friends.

Likewise, there were also rumors about Nia Jax dating former WWE superstar Luke Gallows. The words began in 2018. But Luke married Bethany in 2019, thus shutting down those rumors.

Other than this, it seems that Nia has no intention of revealing her true partner at the moment if she has one. We will have to wait until she shows some information about her partner/ husband.

Net Worth and Income Sources

Nia is very private about her life. So, there is little to no information about her assets, investments. However, looking at her career, it is estimated that her net worth is around $400K. Her exact salary is unknown to the public. It’s estimated that her earnings per year are more significant than $100k.

Her primary source of income is through wrestling in the ring. Also, she was an Instagram model.

Height and Weight

Nia Jax is a large woman who has extraordinary body measurements. She stands tall at 182 centimeters or 6 feet, and her weight is 109 kg or 240 pounds.

Weight Loss

Nia Jax with her championship belt
Female wrestler, Nia Jax weight loss.

Intimidation is a big part of wrestling. If the opponent is bigger and heavier, then it can lower the opposition’s morale. Nia looks massive than her competitors, and it has worked in her favor during her matches. It was not the norm for other female wrestlers. However, from a health perspective, being overweight is not a good way of life.

Being concerned with her weight, she even revealed her intention of losing some fat to her coaches back in NXT. However, her coaches instructed her not to. Moreover, they said that the company wants her due to her large size. It isn’t very comforting. Hence, her body became an added advantage for her, so she discarded the idea of losing weight.

That said, she also makes sure that her body does not cross the overweight limit. But some of her fans have trolled her online for her appearance. To which she replied by saying that everyone should accept others as they are. In the end, the important thing is to be healthy.

She revealed in interviews that she regularly visits the doctors, goes to the gym, and eats a healthy diet. Some fans even appreciated her for accepting her true self and not hide in the dark.

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