Ember Moon’s Husband, Matthew Palmer Facts and Bio.

The successful wrestler, Ember Moon married an equally outstanding wrestler. Ember Moon’s husband is Mathew Palmer. Though not associated with the WWE, Palmer has won major titles in different leagues.

Since the late 90s, there has been a surge in the popularity of wrestling. Initially, it was known as WWF and later was renamed WWE. These platforms, regardless of gender, have launched wrestlers into stardom.

Among the renowned faces, Ember Moon is one of the rising WWE female stars in the company. Ember Moon rose to prominence when she entered as a wrestler in WWE. She made her debut in WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, in 2007. Throughout her career, Ember has achieved many accolades and trophies. She is the first to win both the NXT Women championship and the Women’s Tag team.

Although she had a short run in WWE’s flagship show, Ember still has millions of fans who love to see her perform in the ring. Apart from her wrestling career, fans have also taken a keen interest in her personal life.

Ember Moon husband, Matthew Palmer

Well-known male wrestler, Matthew Palmer
Renowned male wrestler and Ember Moon’s husband, Matthew Palmer.

Matthew Palmer, also known by his nickname, The Son of Anarchy, is an independent wrestler. Palmer was born in 1986. He is an American citizen, and his hometown is Austin, Texas. Not much is available about his childhood, but Palmer had a love for wrestling from a young age.

Matthew began his wrestling career at the age of twelve.


In over ten years of his career, Ember Moon’s husband has achieved many milestones. So far, he has played more than 100 wrestling matches. In 2015, he ranked in the 490th position in a list by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Statistically speaking, Palmer has won 49.8% of all his professional matches and lost 47.6% of his wrestling matches. Similarly, 2.6% of the matches have ended in a draw.

Despite his excellent record, Matthew never made it to WWE. Nowadays, almost all the best wrestlers compete in WWE. It has set the benchmark for wrestling.


Mathew is one of the decorated wrestlers in the independent circuit. Throughout his career, The Son of Anarchy has won different championships in the Anarchy Championship Wrestling. Titles include ACW Hardcore Championship and ACW Heavyweight Championship.

Similarly, he has also won the ACW Tag Team Championship with Franco D’Angelo as Centre of Perfection and James Johnson as Simply Irresistible. Apart from ACW, he has also won Professional Championship Wrestling, Metroplex Wrestling. His signature moves are The Snapshot and Fold-Out Choke Out.

Apart from the achievement mentioned above, he also has won a title in Motivate Pro Wrestling.

Ember Moon and Matthew Palmer Relationship

Female wrestler, Ember Moon in the ring
Female wrestler, Ember Moon, wife of Matthew Palmer.

They say every beautiful relationship has a peculiar beginning. So did Palmer and Ember. Even though they currently have an excellent relationship, their first meeting was far from perfect.

Ember met Palmer while both of them were training for wrestling. Incidentally, during their first meeting, Palmer drop-kicked Moon in her face. But instead of consoling, Palmer said that it was part of the training. Moon was not flattered by his behavior and began to hate him for a while.

However, Palmer was able to get over his first impression and be friends with her. Soon, Palmer developed an interest in her from the first meeting itself. He quickly fell in love with her as he found Moon gorgeous and robust.

In 2015, Palmer proposed to her before she joined the WWE’s Performance Centre. Without hesitation, Moon accepted his proposal. The couple had a great relationship which has now turned into marriage. So far, they have been together for more than nine years.


During a 2017 match, Palmer decided to propose to his to-be-wife on-stage. He made the plan and bought the ring. However, Palmer was very nervous. Hence, he changed the proposal time after the match as he could not focus on wrestling. Palmer asked his fellow partner to hold the ring for him.

He was cautious not to let Ember know about the proposed plan. After all, it was supposed to be a surprise. After the match ended, he offered Ember his ring. Then, the couple engaged for over a year.

Later, the duo took the wedding vows in 2018. For their marriage, they picked the Game of Thrones theme. It’s possible that both of them were fans of the popular show and decided to fulfill their fantasy.

Married Life and Kids

As of now, Palmer and his wife are living together in peace. Both Palmer and Moon are supportive of each other. They have the same career, so it’s been helpful for both of them. Since they have the same profession, they understand each other’s problems also. This is why Ember has said that their same work has helped to strengthen their relationship.

This is Palmer and his wife’s first marriage. From the looks of it, the couple has no plans to separate soon. The newly wedded couple does not share any child at the moment. Both of them are very busy in their respective careers.


Even though there is no news of a fight among the couple, the couple has got into a controversy. The reason for the dispute is a t-shirt worn by Palmer. Palmer posted a picture of him on social media wearing a t-shirt that said ‘King of Black Woman’. This enraged women of color. Indeed, Ember is also of black ethnicity. However, she has not spoken anything about the controversy. It seems that she decided to choose her partner over the accusations. This shows that the couple’s bond is strong and will break by such controversies.

Even though Ember Moon is more famous and earns more money than Matthew, this has not caused any relationship problems. The fans of Ember also love the couple. Sometimes the interracial couple also becomes the victim of online trolls. However, this couple has not faced such trolls.

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